In wake of the Romanian Health Institutions announcement, the Edge Design Talks event will be rescheduled for September 25 - 27, 2020.

We’ve thought long and hard about this and we feel that our community’s health and the quality of the event shouldn’t suffer because of the current events that are unfolding.

Regarding the validity and refunds of your ticket:
- All Conference tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled date;
- All ticket refunds are handled/facilitated by (starting with March 10 till April 1, 2020);
- The Workshop tickets will NOT remain valid, so we advise to ask for the refund through


În urma anunțului instituțiilor de sănătate din România, evenimentele Edge Design Talks sunt reprogramate pentru 25 - 27 Septembrie 2020.

Ne-am gândit mult înainte să luam această decizie și nu ne-a fost ușor, însă considerăm că sănătatea comunității noastre și calitatea evenimentului nu ar trebui să sufere din cauza situației actuale.

În ceea ce privește valabilitatea biletelor și restituirea banilor:
- Toate biletele Conferinței vor rămâne valabile pentru data reprogramată
- Toate rambursările biletelor o să fie gestionate de (începând de marți, 10 martie până cel târziu miercuri, 1 aprilie 2020). Veți primi un e-mail de la în legătură cu rambursarea.
- Biletele achiziționate pentru workshops NU vor fi valabile, de aceea vă sfătuim să solicitați restituirea prin

Open Call

Edge Design Shorts

Edge Design Shorts is devoted to the spirit of design and creativity.

We have made a selection of the best submissions which will entertain, question and inspire you.


Fri, 13 March

Blvd. Eroilor 16, Cluj-Napoca

Free entrance

Here is the list of the selected shorts and we would like to thank everyone who got involved.

Exquisite Corpse

Director: Radu Pop

The game of random chance that is external influences is what defines us as people. It’s a game with very few rules that we can’t help but be a part of. But if that’s the case, can we even talk about identity? A short metaphor about what makes a person themselves, based on a surrealist parlor game.


Director: Răzvan Micorici

The film presents the way in which the native population of a round-shaped planet reacts at the encounter with a character of a different physical appearance. The latter is a character of a square form who is not accepted by the inhabitants of the planet and he is bullied by them. The native population changes the square-shaped character by modifying his initial shape and transforming him into a rounded-one.

FOMI (fear of missing in)

Director: Norbert Fodor

FOMI is an experimental short film that explores the lost connection with the inner self and the lack of solitude caused by all the modern world’s social pressures and overuse of social media.

The little hero

Director: Elena Ciolacu

Childhood is a time of adventure, imagination, and happiness. On a beautiful spring day, just after the rain has stopped, a little boy tries to convince his ever-busy mother to go out and play together. Disappointed by her rejection, he goes out on his own, but the whimsy appearance of a butterfly sets him out on an imaginary adventure to rescue his mother from the tedious prison of work and worries.


Director: Laura Pop

Living a constant adolescent drama with the monster inside her mind, a young girl embarks on a spiritual journey in order to make peace with herself and with the ones around her.

Skateboarding is not a crime

Director: Cristian Radu

A one-take film following the chase of a police car and a skateboard, questioning the fragile balance of law and justice, looking into how far is the law willing to go to hinder a small wrong and if they are capable of going far enough to be causing a greater wrong in the process.

The silver-fanged boar

Director: Maria Lascu

A prince and his servant are in a forest searching for the legendary silver-fanged boar. The servant tries to convince the prince to hunt for other animals but the prince refuses each time. Will the prince realize his ambitions?

The red string

Director: Alexandra Fuscas

Dan is stuck in a routine working in a travel agency. One day, before his eyes appear a red string, following it will lead to an eye-opening discovery.

What the heck should I write about?

Director: Matei Monoranu

An extremely lazy writer aims to write something worthy of a great prize while struggling with the delights of procrastination. Things change when a talented mosquito enters the window, bringing the possibility of writing a masterpiece.

From Dad To Son

Director: Nils Knoblich

A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with tilling the field. In his desperate situation, the prisoner suddenly has the idea to use the guards to till his dad’s land.
In this paper crafted animation, short cardboard box characters tell a story about the relationship between a dad and his son. It’s a parable about the assignment of roles of parents and children and the conflicts of physical separation and their communication. And a response to the violence of privacy by governmental institutions. The plot is based on a 2600 years old fable by the Greek storyteller Aesop and is yet told in urban myths.


Director: Kel San

A man and a woman surrounded by the overwhelming noise of electronics and consumerism. A portrait of loneliness in modern times.