In wake of the Romanian Health Institutions announcement, the Edge Design Talks event will be rescheduled for September 25 - 27, 2020.

We’ve thought long and hard about this and we feel that our community’s health and the quality of the event shouldn’t suffer because of the current events that are unfolding.

Regarding the validity and refunds of your ticket:
- All Conference tickets will remain valid for the rescheduled date;
- All ticket refunds are handled/facilitated by (starting with March 10 till April 1, 2020);
- The Workshop tickets will NOT remain valid, so we advise to ask for the refund through


În urma anunțului instituțiilor de sănătate din România, evenimentele Edge Design Talks sunt reprogramate pentru 25 - 27 Septembrie 2020.

Ne-am gândit mult înainte să luam această decizie și nu ne-a fost ușor, însă considerăm că sănătatea comunității noastre și calitatea evenimentului nu ar trebui să sufere din cauza situației actuale.

În ceea ce privește valabilitatea biletelor și restituirea banilor:
- Toate biletele Conferinței vor rămâne valabile pentru data reprogramată
- Toate rambursările biletelor o să fie gestionate de (începând de marți, 10 martie până cel târziu miercuri, 1 aprilie 2020). Veți primi un e-mail de la în legătură cu rambursarea.
- Biletele achiziționate pentru workshops NU vor fi valabile, de aceea vă sfătuim să solicitați restituirea prin

Meet the Locals

Who's taking the stage this year

Meet the Locals

Meet the Locals is an event that aims to promote local talent, offer a place to designers (and not only) in the community to share their ideas and knowledge and to serve as a conversation starter in the local creative community.

Event will be held in Romanian.


Fri, 13 March

Blvd. Eroilor 16, Cluj-Napoca

Free entrance

Event will be held in Romanian.

Adrian Prunaș

UX Designer
@ Cognizant Softivision

A thirty-something UX designer with about 6 years of experience in the field and around 15 years of experience in IT. Pixel farming, vector bending, HTML knitting, and CSS spicing. Self-taught, passionate about a variety of fields.


X lessons learnt in 15 years

Andrei Roman

@ Smash Studio

Smash Studio was Andrei's dream for some time. Following his vision, he first created, at the time called Rugged products which later become Smash Studio. In the meantime, the design studio started to focus more on illustrations, which they use in merchandise, murals or prints, but they also provide graphic and interior design services. Their plan includes opening the studio door for exhibitions/pop-ups.



Sinopia creates and deconstructs stories, bringing a new architectural dimension on letter structures. She tries to explore shapes and new forms of expression through calligraphy, lettering or graphic design, be it digital or analog.
Sinopia’s aim is to create stories that respond to human emontions.

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